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well hello there visitor! welcome to the canopy kingdom, a peek inside the mind of an eccentric internet poster. here you can find...cool facts about me! copious information about my interests! art sometimes! and other things that i deem worthy of being posted.

this site is a little hobby of mine. it is always a work in progress, i update whenever i feel like it!

i hope you enjoy your stay, dear vistor.

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fixed about page + updated homepage


happy two weeks and 2 days of existence, canopy kingdom. doing behind the scenes stuff, organization and what not. new page for character specific shrines! (miku doesnt go in there i guess?? shes more than a character in my eyes.)


shiny new blog!


redesigning the shrines page. finished miku shrine, planning two new shrines! also discovered the wonders of the flexbox, will implement to other pages eventually.


been a few days since i made an update here! lately ive been working on shrines. finished the variable geo shrine and started a touhou page.


working on a fnaf shrine! also archiving all of my old neocities pages.


the beginning. my old neocities evaporated so im starting fresh. so many possibilities!

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